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Rogue's Passage. Continuing to explore the Standard format in search of a new "metagame breaker," BBD and CVM duke it out with Naya Tokens vs. U/W Control! Unlike many other family mechanics, every single one of them is mono-coloured: five are green, four are red . A niche card that fits nicely in specific strategies. ! New Capenna Brew - Standard Bant Superfriends/Tokens By Martin Juza / April 8, 2022 Elspeth Resplendent into Brokers Ascendancy is a great combo, and Martin's already brewed up a Standard Bant Superfriends deck around it! I hope you enjoy the content. Streets of New Capenna Commander Decks (U) Land. You gain 2 life.

Sorin the Mirthless, Lolth, Spider Queen and a wide range of other powerful threats give the Orzhov shell a reliable stream of card .

The first token has haste, an ability primary in red but secondary in green. Standard 2022. Naya Runes Won't Go Down Easy. Showcase art price: $13.99. Swiftly followed by Vivien on the Pod as he lovingly calls the new Naya abomination that can win as fast as turn 2 with the dream hand. First, Zach plays a new card out of Dragons of Tarkir, Atarka's Command. New Deck (145) by Numbskull: W/L 10 - 0 100% : Tokas: by macronon#13768: View all Standard rogue decks . U 412 . That's what we have here; a reskinning of the tri-color sets last seen as shards of ALARA. Jukai Naturalist Art by Anna Steinbauer. . As you'd expect from Naya colors, you'll be putting lots of creatures onto the battlefield, pumping them up, and swinging face. Hey folks. Note that this is better in 20 life formats than Commander since dealing 4 or 8 on your token making isn't as scalable, but it's still fine in dedicated token decks. The three-color draft environment promises to yield some fun decks. This is specially bad coming for a product that is intended to be the main commander product for the year. April 21, 2022. Credit: Wizards of the Coast. But the powerful families of New Capenna give us a whole new version of Bant, Grixis, Jund, Naya and Esper. When this deck first showed up in the format, it devastated opponents with surprising game-ending haymakers from seemingly out of . At the beginning of your upkeep, choose one at random. PEACE!AetherHub Decklist: https://twitte.

The Orzhov Midrange shell had the #1 position prior to Streets of New Capenna.In a world of "fair" Magic, Orzhov might just be king. The decks are nice and thematic alright, and no broken new cards, which is always goods. They will print that card in a set they want to push higher sales, like a Masters set. Streets of New Capenna has been around in Standard long enough for the format to get a chance to settle down a bit. Streets of New Capenna Constructed Set Review and Decklists: Cabaretti (Naya) More Decks Standard Naya Bard Class Version 2 - July 2022 Ranked Season July 3, 2022 Standard Five-Color Kami War by Polipo86 - #14 Mythic - July 2022 Ranked Season July 3, 2022 Standard Jeskai Hinata by Glucke - #7 Mythic - July 2022 Ranked Season July 2, 2022 The new Capenna Naya deck inspired me to think about Tokens. Riveteers Charm By Steve Argyle. Creature 6 3 Jetmir, Nexus of . A few MTG cards actually depict a scene directly from a person's point of view, with Village Cannibals from the original Innistrad set being a great example.Now Streets of New Capenna thrusts players right into the action with this flavorful black creature, whose subject is ready to reel in yet another sucker.. RELATED: 10 Magic: The Gathering Card That Broke Their Standard Metas Lore wise New Capenna seems like neo-noir New York or Chicago with massive skyscrapers dominating the views. Creature 25 2 Akoum . Here are the top eight most popular Standard MTG decks getting played at the New Capenna Championship, according to Frank Karsten and WotC.

For existing players, the intention is to recreate these updated decklists for existing players so everyone will have access to decks that are Standard-legal. Regular art price: $11.10. 7 common. (*) Prices based in average price in TCGPLAYER.COM store. Naya Runes had a whopping 64.2 percent win rate, the highest of any deck. Explore the best decks in the metagame for the Standard format, for both best of one (bo1) and best of three (bo3). The likes of Jinnie Fay, Jetmir, a new tri-land, and several enablers were promising. Speaking of the cat cart, Jund is seeing a big uptick in play in Standard. This queue is great for . I don't believe the list is 100% refined yet - the numbers of individual pieces will vary for sure, and I'm still experimenting here and . Historic seems to be dominated by Phoenix and Food with auras and affinity taking a decent chunk of the meta. Naya Panorama. Going wide with a total of nine creatures is hard, considering the number of board wipes within the Standard format . Naya Runes by DoggertQBones. If there's one deck that's been the talk of the town in the recent Standard meta, it's Naya Runes. Streets of New Capenna Review, Part 2 - WUBRG. Streets of New Capenna is the second standard set of 2022 and will be published in April 29, 2022 with a strong focus on the tri-color combinations of shards: Bant, Esper, Grixis, Jund and Naya. Do not worry though, I will be covering all the rare and mythic cards in the actual Streets of New Capenna. (last time you will hear that word from me) sacrifice. Generate hand save deck (mtgo/arena) copy to clipboard (arena) Visual view. .

Some of the most hyped cards from spoiler season are living up to expectations while others aren't. A few surprising pieces are also shaping Standard.


Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second There's an abundance of tokens within MTG , some being creatures while others like . (*) Singularity measures the grade of deviation from the standard average deck on that archetype. Until the end of your next turn, you may play those cards. You really shouldn't be.

The decks that are dominating Standard have been . Modern Decks Standard Decks Submit a Deck Search Decks. Cabaretti Cacophony. Standard Decks Standard is a dynamic format where you build decks and play using cards in your collection from recently released Magic: The Gathering sets. Despite the three-color theme of the set, cards ranging from Ob Nixilis, the Adversary, Tenacious Underdog, to Giada, Font of Hope all look promising and exciting to try out. You're gonna need your tokens handy to brave the Streets of New Capenna.

. The new set includes 281 cards and is based on shard-colored factions, so expect to see plenty of tri-color options. It is the final Championship tournament of the season,. Though I imagine that there will be a lot of . Download STANDARD | MARDU CONTROL STREETS OF NEW CAPENNA | BO1 DECKS | MTG ARENA Mp3 Free in Gigex from Top Song with 1,292 and 05:19 & 05:19 just only in . NEW CAPENNA CHAMPIONSHIP METAGAME BREAKDOWN. Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second This is, hands down, my favorite commander of the entire set. 2. What makes this list stand out is its anthem effects and reach. I am a bit surprised that control has a low showing despite doing well in the previous championship. Format: Standard. Collecting Streets of New Capenna. IW. Last Modified On: 5/23/2022 Market Median Low $64.71 $76.54 $38.51 Buy This Deck! The introductory two-color decks decks that players receive as part of the tutorial and new player experience will be updated in July 7, 2022 with Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate. . Obscura Charm By Steve Argyle.

We have a variety of token producers in Hordeling Outburst, Raise the Alarm, and Goblin Rabblemaster; plus your suite of burn spells in Stoke the Flames and Lightning Strike. Magic: The Gathering Commander: Streets of New Capenna Price Guide | TCGplayer . Martin Juza's trying out one of his first New Capenna Standard brews, Bant Tokens, to see just how the metagame will shake up! IW. This queue is great for beginners as it doesn't require you to deal with the complexities of managing a dresser. 2/1 Human Cleric with lifelink and haste. New Capenna is here! New Capenna released with 19 new legendary creatures for players to use as their new commanders. Season 14, Episode 5: First Brews with New Capenna: Ob Nixilis, Vivien on the Hunt, Luxior and More . Of the new creatures, 15 were one of the five multicolored families with only four being mono-colored.

Streets of New Capenna could really shake things up on the enchantment front. While it looked like a potentially dominant strategy at first, it was soon hated to the fringes of the format by cards like Archon of Emeria and tons of cheap removal for creatures and enchantments. 34 rare.

Customers who purchased Streets of New Capenna Commander Decks: Naya Panorama also bought. RELATED: Magic: The Gathering Arena - The Best Cards From Alchemy: New Capenna. 3/1 Human Warrior with trample and haste. 45:56 Match 5 Vs Naya Aggro 57:50 Match 6 Vs Naya Tokens 1:04:55 Thank you Warriors of . Damage with impact tremor effects, token doublers, cheap white tokenn Buffs like [[Prava of the Steellegion]]. As of Streets of New Capenna, there are 12 cards with alliance.

Highlighting Naya colors, the Cabaretti Cacophony SNC Commander deck focuses on tokens and go-wide aggressive gameplay. 5. More promising than Xander was the prospect of a Naya aggro / tokens build. After seeing the excellent post by u/childrenofoldleech earlier today, I was inspired to make my own post about a Golgari deck I've been having a great time with in standard 2022. Magic's newest expansion has us traveling to New Capenna.

Latest Set: Streets of New Capenna. Another great benefit of playing Standard in Arena is access to the best-of-one queue. T $0.15 $0.19 View. The Streets of New Capenna ( SNC . Esper Midrange: 77 players at 34.5 percent of the field Riveteers Riveteers is an early leader in the new format, and threatens to become even stronger as players sort out the ideal way to build within this color combination. Create a tapped Treasure token. A new set means new cards to examine, and in this article we'll talk about the monocolored cards and what they mean for the game in different formats and how they'll play. Cabaretti Charm By Steve Argyle. Here are the top five decks of MTG's Standard format, as of Streets of New Capenna. Hello Gamers! I played it in Legacy and Extended for many years, during Shards of Alara Block Constructed, and in Standard both this season and for Pro Tour San Diego when Luis Scott-Vargas made his 16-0 run. NAYA CABARETTI TOKENS | New Capenna Standard best of One MTG Arena 1,535 views Apr 26, 2022 39 Dislike Share Save MTG Joe 5.06K subscribers Join Subscribe #MTG #MTGA #MagictheGathering Thanks to. Another fantastic magical morning and today we are farming some packs/gems in another Standard Event playing Naya. RELATED:Magic: The Gathering Arena - The Best Cards From Alchemy: New Capenna Another great benefit of playing Standard on Arena is access to the best-of-one queue. Ob Nix Mardu tokens [19:43] Jund Ob Nixilis . Published May 03, 2022. Streets of New Capenna is the final Standard expansion before rotation happens in September 2022, as the five families in this new Magic: The Gathering world is looking to make an impact! Naya Tokens 1.17% Jund Treasures 1.07% Azorius Tempo 1.07%

Standard is overwhelmed by Esper Midrange. A high singularity means that the deck is running cards that are less common in that archetype. There are a total of 10 Magic: The Gathering henchmen within the Streets of New Capenna Standard-legal set, supporting the five three-color Limited archetypes. The tri-color shards each represent a (mob) family. These appear about 25% of the time in the last card slot of Set Boosters. For example, getting a five dork Deranged Hermit or Increasing Devotion is a 32/3 with trample. It's been two weeks since Streets of New Capenna was released around the world, and it's impossible not to . Brokers Charm By Steve Argyle. More than 7521 Standard Decks from MTGA, MTGO and paper tournaments . Grixis Panorama.

Lightning Rager // Rogue Double-sided Token. These are usually midrange decks with aggressive elements. Next up, and in a similar vein to Mono Green Aggro, we have Naya Runes. We're live every Mon\Tue & Thurs/Fri from 8-10pm CST! At no point are you casting Treva's Charm, a three-mana difficult to cast card, and feeling happy for the your return on investment. Naya Runes Naya Runes Naya Runes: Jorge Iraheta: 200 tix $ 210 - 5th Jeskai Hinata Jeskai Hinata Jeskai Hinata: Xiang Zhang: 239 tix $ 375 - 6th Dimir Control Dimir Control Dimir Control: Ivan Zhuravlyov: 68 tix $ 200 - 7th Naya Enchantments Naya Enchantments Naya Enchantments: Landlord Mefromhere: 175 tix $ 205 - 8th I want: As the Cabaretti mechanic of Streets of New Capenna, it is exclusively found in their three-colour identity of green, white, and red (also known in Magic slang as Naya ).

I do not like the face commander, but I like the token mechanics Naya offers. #2. . With its aggressive nature, reach, and efficient answers, the archetype is always a competitive deck in every format.

The Streets of New Capenna Championship has taught us a lot about how the new cards perform undre pressure. II, III Whenever you cast a spell this turn, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control. Streets of New Capenna is inspired by the gangster movies and noir stylings of the early 20th century. The Post-Streets of New Capenna Standard. We also had a major event in the New Capenna Championship which allowed a few new archetypes to pop up, and some of those decks have stuck around as major players in the format. Nice. Naya has always been my favorite three-color combination. The second token has vigilance, an ability primary in white, but secondary in green. That one card would equate to ~2/3 of the value of each of these decks before the new cards. MTG Arena Standard NEW Capenna DECK! The two tokens it makes nod toward red and white. Now I am not sure what is the right approrach to a token-deck with all the nice cards I saw. TAGS articles, video, standard, constructed, gameplay, youtube, jim davis, arena, mtg arena, neo standard, 02212022 Streets of New Capenna Commander Decks (C) Land. However, this can give you an idea of what decks are hot in the first few days of the new format. Find more Standard content to accompany your decks: Standard Articles and Guides Standard Metagame BO1 Standard Tier List and Rankings BO3 Standard . Download STANDARD MARDU CONTROL STREETS OF NEW CAPENNA BO1 DECKS MTG ARENA Mp3. Vanishing Verse and Rite of Oblivion offer answers to everything, including the cycle of legendary Dragons from Kamigawa.


Naya Devilish TOKEN COMBO! ! Copy URL. One world may see Grixis with undead armies while others translate it through the eyes of old school demon mobsters. In Streets of New Capenna Draft and Set Boosters, there are 17 full-art tokens and two double-sided punch-out tokens to be found. As such, with this groundwork laid let's rank the five charms in Streets Of New Capenna by breaking them down into their component parts! Meanwhile, Stimulus Package gives you two treasures tokens upon entering the field while also serving as an outlet for . So, if you like a certain rare or mythic, it will be mentioned in the review. 18 uncommon. If you want to get in on the ground floor, here's your chance! Playing Naya Tokens with Incandescent Aria! . We've only had a few days of play with the new cards, so things are still very much in flux. There are a whopping 53 full-art tokens and seven double-sided punch-out tokens across Streets of New Capenna and its Commander decks. Cyberium. Give them both a try before #SCGPORT this weekend . In today's article, I analyze how much Streets of New Capenna has changed Standard, I present the main decks of the format currently and what other new decks has appeared in the last few weeks! ! Behind the Scenes of Streets of New Capenna 's Stylish Booster Fun. Enchantments have changed a lot over the course of Magic: The Gathering's history. This is perhaps one of the most exciting new decks in the format, with various versions placing highly in various tournaments over the weekend. IW. Today I'm going to showcase the 10 best decks in . Latest Set: Streets of New Capenna. A few of its cards are ideal to be the commadner of a deck, while the rest should do well in the 99 in any multiplayer game. Giada, Font of Hope | Illustration by Eric Deschamps. With each new set, a portion of these cards are replaced with cards that fit the latest set's . The tokens each have a different power/toughness but are swapped from the normal color associations. First New Capenna Standard Power Rankings - 5/2/22 By Reid Duke / May 2, 2022 Welcome to the first Streets of New Capenna Standard Power Rankings. It has also been gaining a lot of attention from the pioneer and modern MtG players, who can put this card on the board much earlier than turn seven. 1 Jegantha, the Wellspring. jetmir land landfall naya ramp token tokens.

Evolving gameplay and fresh strategies make it one of the most fun and popular ways to play. Some of the most important mechanics of this set include Cycling, Blitz, Connive, and Casualty. A total of 223 MTG players will compete in the Constructed Standard and Historic formats from May 20 to 22 at the New Capenna Championship. Naya Token by KebbieG. The brand-new Streets of New Capenna set takes place on a plane stylized after art deco 1920s crime families, and New Capenna's cards are excellent for a variety of formats, Commander included. 4 Fable of the Mirror-Breaker // Reflection of Kiki-Jiki. Alliance Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, choose one that hasn't been chosen this turn Put a +1/+1 counter on Gala Greeters. LEGENDARY: No. Naya Tokens is also known as Naya Tokens, WRG Aggro or Naya Midrange. Here are the five New Capenna hybrid legendary creatures and how they work. [STANDARD] New Capenna: What's Hot and What's Not Standard We've had some time to play with cards from New Capenna now and they're definitely having an impact across formats. Modern Decks Standard Decks Submit a Deck Search Decks.

Let's find out if we can make it work in this MTG Streets of New Capenna Standard ladder on Arena. When Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty was first released, Naya Runes instantly became one of the most exciting decks across Standard, Alchemy and even Historic. $0.29.

The List usually consists of 300 cards picked from across Magic 's history. It looks fun to play. Two of the mono-colored legends are red, one is white, and one is blue, which leaves black . C 417 $0.14 . By FromTheShire. This new Elspeth additionally depicts the character mixing into New Capenna's glamorous artwork deco setting in true style, in all probability at a Cabaretti mob get together. New Capenna gave the archetype several important pieces as well as a tri-land. I will mention Modern applications if I believe the card has some. The release of Streets of New Capenna . Obscura Charm. Among the cards released in Magic 's newest set, Streets of New Capenna, a certain six-mana green artifact has deck-builders buzzing with its potential to take over games and promote table . Create a red and white creature token with those characteristics. . Updated May 25, 2022 by Joe Parlock: It's been a few weeks since Streets of New Capenna launched, and the Standard has had time to settle from the massive shakeup its five crime families brought to the format. Naya token commanders, such as Rin and Seri, Inseparable and Ghired, Conclave Exile, can survive the blast and keep their armies intact. 0 mythic. The current Standard in FAQ Format. Maindeck 60. The face commander for the deck is Kitt Kanto, Mayhem . Be safe, happy & healthy! 1/2 Human Rogue with haste and "When this creature enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to any target." via either tokens or creature spells. Maindeck 60. 0:00 - Game 1.

Our metagame data is provided by, and the tier list and rankings are carefully curated based on a variety of factors and sources by our expert players.Updated for Streets of New Capenna (SNC). The new Elspeth can slowly construct up friendly creatures with +1/+1 counters, get cards from the library, and even make a squad of Angel tokens. Format: Pioneer. First up is a potent two-card combo, shared by Facebook user Hong Siong Yoong, that could net the user infinite mana on turn 3.All you need is a Devoted Druid from 2008's Shadowmoor set and the Streets of New Capenna legendary artifact, Luxior, Giada's Gift.Equip that sword to that elf and now, each time you put a -1/-1 counter on Devoted Druid to untap it, Luxior negates the loss of . I Exile the top four cards of your library. Hello community, today I wanted to present a list I've been working on lately that while it may not be Tier 1, it's certainly competitive and Maestros Charm By Steve Argyle. Last Modified On: 4/30/2022 Market Median Low $364.31 $275.66 $327.66 Buy This Deck! Nasty stuff in Boros and Naya tokens as well as other go-wide dorks. Continuing to explore the Standard format in search of a new "metagame breaker," BBD and CVM duke it out with Naya Tokens vs. U/W Control! Keep in mind I'm rating all these cards for Standard playability. Nontheless, to say something positive: everything looks more tuned, which might enhance the playability and they are for sure trying to explore interesting design spaces. ARTIST: Bud Cook.

Littjara Mirrorlake. This effect is kinda bonkers! Jetmir Landfall by MTGJeff. Deck4 Wedding Announcement (VOW) 454 Stensia Uprising (VOW) 1782 Halo Fountain (SNC) 152 Rabble Rousing (SNC) 244 Edgar, Charmed Groom (VOW) 2364 The Meathoo. Lord Xander is by far the most interesting and powerful new commander in Streets of New Capenna.

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